Sensitive Psychopath


Go easy on me

Remember this

Kind of delicacy

Only unfolds

For your secrets

If I ask you

To ignore my creases

We can both buy in

That I mean this

Believe that I haven’t

Folded myself

Into 1000 origami

Cranes for nothing

More than to be

Unfolded again

I have moulded

Myself with


But please dear


Be gentle with me.

Let me see

The lines in your hands

See what cuts

The skin

And who has seeped in

Then let me reap

The harvesting

Let me dig up seeds

That make you leave

I’ll cry sensitive soul

And deny

The wolf underneath

It is even empathy?

Am I just upset by

Losing the battle?

Am I only wounded

When I’m wet and prone

To crumple?

Still, even after

I can tuck myself

Under your waistband

And wait for the long


And still

I will ask you

To be tender

See I’m dog eared

And torn up

And lost in the

Bottom of a pocket

Even though

I have designed this

I picked the print

Of my skin

And cut myself

Into shape.

Placed myself into

Hands that

Will never understand

The instruction book

In braille

Across my cheek

I think I sold my


For the perpetual

Taste of something sweet

For the constant

To-ing and flattening

Claimed damsel

While solo hunting

Sensitive psychopath

Fickle fool

Begging to be bent again

With one foot out the door

I should apologise

When I’m folded

My edges are so


I know why

I’m not allowed under

The skin.

The points

Prickle like

A fishbone caught

In every vein.

We both know that’s

What danger feels like

Still isn’t

It nice to dance

With the devil’s wife?

The one who

Says she is

No thicker

Than a page of the bible

So delicate,

I can do the impossible

I can be folded

In half more than seven

And this is because

I have thrown myself

Out of heaven

Just to feel

Hands better

Even so

Be gentle

We both playing

With fire and

I’m quick to go off

I am the designer

The judge

And the perpetrator

Of my own

Deep pressed lines

But this seems to

Guarantee you

Crossing yours

Sensitive psychopath

Fickle fool

Just wine stained

And mislaid

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